When consumers look for information these days, where do they start? If you're like us, it's Google. A quick Google search can provide information that used to take hours to research.

Another benefit of the Internet is that consumers can hear directly from other customers about what they liked or disliked - rants and raves - about a product or service. Buying a home is one of the biggest purchases a person will make, and it's important to be well informed before making that decision. It's why home buyers hire home inspectors -- to gain insight into their potential new home before signing on the dotted line.

But how to you go about finding a good home inspector? That's where Google can help.

Google+ is an incredibly important tool for prospective home buyers and consumers. An example: When you Google "Home Inspector Wichita," your search returns several results. What we hope you notice is the stars that may or may not appear next to a business listing.

Insight Inspections, LLC, has several reviews, and ALL of them are a 5-star rating. To put this into perspective, Insight Inspections has more 5-star Google+ reviews than all other Wichita-area home inspectors COMBINED! These reviews come from real customers who have shared their experiences to help you make an informed decision when hiring a home inspector. And these reviews cover many aspects of our home inspection service and product/reporting, including: ease and flexibility of scheduling, thoroughness of reporting, and experience with our staff. These reviews are from first-time home buyers, investors, and repeat clients.

Take a look for yourself. If you have any questions, give us a call (316-570-0549), send us a note, or look around our website.



08/31/2016 12:35pm

Google is a very beneficial application for all the people we all can get any type of information and knowledge easily. I also collect important detail and information about the the different topics it is very helpful for me.

01/01/2017 4:43am

I am still not sure where to get the most credible review nowadays because people seem to be paying other people to say something. Testimonials from anyone simply don't count anymore. There should be a governing body that authorize people who are really in the know to say something about a product or service. People should know who they are listening too. I think this site gives the correct information people need. Thanks for sharing what you know.

02/09/2017 12:49am

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11/01/2016 6:50am

Google now is the best way to search any info you need! I'm using Google only!

11/04/2016 4:09am

Ok, I will check your website and contact you later. I want to speak with you.


. Buying a home is a difficult task, but the internet has provided lots of benefits to he buyers and sellers. Now the consumers can hear directly from other customers about what they liked or disliked - rants and raves.Google is an incredibly important tool for prospective home buyers and consumer.

12/12/2016 10:38am

I really love it!

12/25/2016 5:36am

Wonderful post, the idea of getting information on the internet about the property is superb, the best way to get a home of your choice without wasting time.Thanks for introducing such a nice and fast mean of purchasing property.


Very useful and informative reading material, a good method of improving analysing the inside and outside of the house to prepare for home inspection. Thanks for sharing information.


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08/01/2017 1:33am

Own home is a dream of every person but for achieve it we have do many difficult things to make our dream true but when we achieve it life become happier for us and when we should communicate with God as a pray and thanks to him.

09/02/2017 5:44am

Insight Inspections one of the top of the notch service and at an affordable price that beats out the competitors.

09/26/2017 2:22am

Competitors mostly taunt to their competitors.

09/26/2017 3:59am

These insight inspections would be helpful to find out the hidden truth.


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