The statistics are scary and shocking.

 - Radon - an odorless, colorless gas - is the #2 cause of lung cancer, second only to smoking.

More than 200 lung cancer deaths per year in Kansas may be linked to indoor radon, according to the Kansas Department of Health and Environment.

Indoor radon contributes to 21,000 lung cancer deaths in the United States each year, estimates the EPA.

These statistics alone should prompt you to have a radon inspection done on your home. If not, I'll share a personal story of how radon can have a devastating impact.

About a year ago, one of Cari's former coworkers shared that her husband was battling cancer. By the time he started feeling ill, it was too late, and doctors found he had advanced stages of lung cancer. He was told there is no cure, nothing that can be done to save him. He began chemo, however, to try and prolong his life. But the news became worse, and the family learned the aggressive cancer was spreading. Now it was a painful brain tumor. His battle is ongoing.

It wasn't until the husband was well into treatment that the family learned his cancer was caused by high levels of radon in their home. What's even more devastating is that radon can be easily found and mitigated, which could have saved the husband's life.

I hope this story makes an impact on you. ANY home could have radon gas collecting inside, posing a danger to your family. His story definitely made an impact on me.

I'm in the process of earning my radon certification and ordering equipment so that I can provide these important tests either as an addition to a home inspection or as a standalone service. We'll keep you updated.